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Introducing Teens4Oceans “Ning” social media site! Ning provides a platform that will allow T4O students and teachers to connect and share their current projects and initiatives with the entire T4O community. Our goal is to create a resource that will increase our communication and support to all T4O chapters and students. The site is fully integrated with T4O’s blog, Facebook activity, and YouTube Channel. Ning is the best way for you to find everything and anything T4O in one place. The most exciting part of the new site is our forum page where students and teachers alike can start the conversations about their interests and stories while getting connected with other students who are passionate about the same topics. The forum is open to sharing interesting articles and news, personal interests, chapter campaigns, and anything else relevant to the ocean and science. T4O hopes that when Ning officially gets off the ground it can become an easy means of reaching out to our students and a community of inspired and connected youth ocean stewards.

Get started today!!  Sign up, create your profile, introduce yourself in the forum, and start interacting with other ocean stewards!



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Chasing Coral

Sundance VR installations, including "Chasing Coral" and "An Inconvenient Sequel," show…

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An amazing film with an amazing message. Thank you Jeff Orlowski and crew for bringing attention to an issue that's so important to us!

The Redford…

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What an amazing honor!

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral wins the U.S. Documentary Audience Award at Sundance…

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"Coral scientists caution and encourage Utah students after Sundance documentary screening" So excited to see our youth being educated and engaged!…



Introduce Yourself

Congratulations! You are officially part of the Teens4Oceans Ocean Community. The Forum section is an area where the hot topics surrounding our oceans can be tackled. Start a topic on plastic pollution, or scuba diving, or sea turtles. The possible topics of discussion are endless! But before you begin unraveling the mysteries of our ocean take a moment to introduce yourself!  Share a couple facts about yourself: Your name, your school/grade, your passions, what you love about the ocean, and…

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